A student Id will be provided and no charge once per year.

A student with a school id can get many discounts at various parks and centers. A replacement id will cost $20.00.

For replacement cards call Tammy Salinas or email Tammysalinas@charter.net

Benefits of ID student card

With your student card, you can benefit from a lot of advantages, not only from an academic point of view. You will also get discounts on cultural events, historical visits, or stores of all kinds.

You will have heard a lot of times about the student ID card, and no doubt many of your friends will have one. On the contrary, you have resigned yourself all this time to going through the necessary steps to get your student ID card, which is quite quick and easy. You know what? If you haven’t done it until now, it’s because you have no idea of its benefits. 

What discounts do you get with a student ID card?

Above we present a list of places or services which you can get a discount for or even be exempt from paying if holding an ID student card:

  • Tourist guides
  • Museums
  • Cafés, bars, and restaurants (25% off discount with Domino’s Pizza, special offers at Subway)
  • Accommodation reservations
  • Public transport, bus reservations, short-distance and long-distance trains (discounts with VIA Rail, 20% off with National Express, 15% off discount with ALSA)
  • Flight tickets (discount of up to 15% with Emirates, 5% off discount with Omio, up to 20% discount with Qatar Airways).
  • Entertainment: cinema, theatre, concerts, festivals, etc. (students usually pay less everywhere)
  • Clothing stores (10% off discount)
  • Bookstores
  • Bank accounts (banks such as HSBC, Santander, Barclays, RBS, or NatWest offer attractive incentives to students, apart from removing the maintenance fee)
  • Sport & fitness centers (reduced gym membership)
  • Computers and electronic equipment (up to 20% off discount with Lenovo or ever-changing discounts with Apple or Samsung)
  • Streaming platforms (50% off Premium Spotify)